Digital Anesthetic (Syringe-free)




Dr. Laurie Gordon and her team are dedicated to providing cutting–edge technology that not only makes treatment more efficient, but more comfortable as well. We are proud to utilize the latest in dental anesthesia – Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) or Digital Anesthesia.


With Digital Anesthesia, a computer controls the delivery to a precise location (tooth)through a wand with a controlled amount of anesthesia. The STA numbs the affected tooth only - not the check, lip or tongue. In other words, there is no more speech impairment, lip biting or drooling after treatment. And, as an added benefit, the anesthesia takes effect and wears off quickly.

Many people are fearful of the dentist because they have had bad experiences with dental injections. This has led them to avoid dental treatment: Now, they can relax during dental procedures knowing that work can be done without utilizing the dreaded dental syringe!

STA works great with patients of all ages because it is virtually “pain free anesthesia"

Our patients are saying:

  • “I have a fear of needles and visits to the dentist always terrified me – NO MORE!! This was the easiest appointment I have ever experienced!”
  • “I wish they had invented this years ago!" 
  • “Dr. Gordon's new digital anesthesia system is wonderful! There was no syringe, no pain and no sting. I was able to eat as soon as I got home! It is absolutely fantastic!”
  • "I am always on the phone at work. I was able to go back to work without anyone realizing I had been to the dentist."

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