Intraoral Camera


Acclaim Intraoral Camera

With our Acclaim intraoral camera, we can see crystal clear images to improve diagnoses and allow us to document your case on a computer screen. This miniature camera is designed into a device that looks like a slightly oversized pen and allows us to guide you on a tour of your mouth. You are able to look at a TV monitor and see what we see as dentists. The images can be stored and later enlarged and printed for you, other specialists, or insurance companies
The ability to have images on a computer monitor screen that is visible to the patient is a large benefit, since the intraoral camera generates images so much larger than can be seen by the naked eye, often dental problems are caught in the early stages. You see details that may not otherwise be visible with x-rays or by a routine examination.

It allows you to see what is happening in your mouth and therefore have a better understanding of what treatment needs to be done. You and the dentist can use these pictures to discuss treatment options.




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