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Dr. Laurie Gordon has always felt that it is important to give back to the community. Dr. Gordon has been a longstanding  Member at Large for the Alpha Omega Dental Foundation .She is the first ever recipient of the Meritorious Service Award for Alpha Omega Dental Foundation. In 2012, she was awarded Alpha Omega's prestigious Pillar of the Community Award for her involvement with the Rothstein-Williamowsky Dental Clinic

Dr. Laurie Gordon is a proud participant in Americas Tooth Fairy. National Oral Health Children's Foundation (NCOHF) We've felt its important to give back to the community. We are proud to be partners with America's Tooth Fairy, NCOH.

Victor's Story:




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Haley's Story


Phyllis Diller once said, "A smile is a curve that sets everything straight."  This wasn't true for Haley.  Her smile was met with teasing and harsh nicknames like "Hillbilly Hick Haley" from her classmates.  Haley hid her smile with her hands in a futile attempt to spare herself from the cruel jokes of her peers.  "I try to never laugh or smile anymore," she said sadly.

Once, I smiled and showed my teeth in a picture.  When everyone saw it, they laughed and made fun of me.  Now they call me names and write notes saying I should get my teeth fixed," said Haley.  In addition to the barrage of ridicule, Haley suffered daily pain too.  Her teeth hurt so much that it disrupted her studies by making it difficult to concentrate.  Her parents longed to be able to help their daughter, but with five mouths to feed and a tough job market, her dental needs fell to the bottom of a long list of priorities as they struggled for the basics.

A coordinator at her local Boys & Girls Club saw this talented teen suffering and reached out to Tomorrow's SMILES.  "She is a remarkable young woman who is plagued every day by poor dental health," he said.  "The pain distracts her and the constant teasing is chipping away at her self esteem."


Thanks to Laurie Gordon, D.D.S. and Neil Warshawsky, D.D.S., members of Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity and volunteer Tomorrow’s SMILES dentists, Haley’s life is about to change.

“It is a pleasure taking care of her.  Thank you for the opportunity to help her through Tomorrow’s SMILES,” noted Dr. Laurie Gordon about her experience with the program.  With their help, Hayley will be able to laugh and smile without worrying about being the object of harsh jokes and nicknames.

In return for life-changing oral health services, Haley will Pay It Forward by teaching oral health lessons to young children in her community.  As Tomorrow’s SMILES teens give back by serving as mentors and teachers to children, they will help break the cycle of pediatric dental disease.

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